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    Core-Tex Fitness

    Core-Tex Fitness was looking to refresh its website experience and improve consumer engagement. We re-platformed the previous hybrid Wordpress site onto the Shopify platform and optimized the experience to engage multiple audiences.

    The Brand

    Core-Tex Fitness has long been a hit with personal trainers and physical therapists. Its flagship product, the Core-Tex Reactive Trainer, was even featured on a competition TV show hosted by none other than Jillian Michaels herself. But the company felt its website could be performing better both in terms of speed and function. It needed to be more engaging to several core audiences, including its growing direct-to-consumer segment.

    Project Highlights

    We restructured the content flow with audience-specific, targeted messaging and purchase funnels. We organized the content around 4 key audiences: Athletes, Trainers, Therapists, and Commercial Fitness. 

    We leveraged the clients existing video content and transformed it from a traditional blog to a comprehensive video library organized by subject area. This enabled video content to be surfaced in a more personalized way. 

    A big challenge with this product is to educate the customer on the philosophy behind Reactive Training. In fact, few visitors were interacting with this content at all. To address this, we completely revamped the navigation & mega menus, interspersed educational content throughout the site and organized the product pages with a peel-the-onion approach to drawing the visitor in to learn and engage more. 

    Services Delivered

    • User Experience Design
    • Content Strategy
    • Information Architecture
    • Site Migration
    • Shopify Implementation
    • Theme Customization
    • Conversion Optimization


    • Across-the-board improvement in user engagement metrics
    • Increased conversion of consumer segment and reduced purchase cycle time from first visit to order


    Sports Performance landing page


    Redesigned product page layout - includes the Reactive Training content