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    We Are Experience Builders

    Laguna Peak is a virtual network marketing and ecommerce agency. We create highly-tailored digital experiences for our clients and partner with them to drive growth with personalized marketing strategies. Our team is comprised of multi-disciplinary passionate marketers and technologists. Our distributed model allows us to rapidly assemble the right team for your needs.

    Carl Fagerlin, Principal & GM

    Carl leads our team from his home base in Laguna Beach (bet you figured that out already). Carl has been building eCommerce websites and businesses for over 20 years. Previously Carl was Managing Director at Accenture Interactive, the world's largest integrated digital agency.

    Whatever it takes.

    We thrive on helping our clients build great online businesses in a dynamic world. We simplify what may seem overwhelming and teach you along the way.

    Want to work with us?

    We are relentless collaborators. We're always interested in working with top marketers, technologists, and agency partners.

    Want to work remote? No problem, it's in our DNA. Want to keep it casual? Absolutely. We work with a select group of  freelancers and contractors and are always looking for great and talented partners.